Sfoglia with almond custard and apples

I wonder how this sfogliata was created….yes…. now I remember it happen by mistake. My father loves a quick strudel that I usually prepare for him when in Italy. I just use puff pastry instead of making the dough for the real deal. This time I was busy chatting with mom and asked her to peel 3 apples and when I realized that it was to much I decide to make something slightly different. I made an almond custard to give extra flavor to the apples, I then enclosed everything in two layers of puff pastry sprinkled with sugar and baked till golden brown.

Let me tell you my father was super happy about the mistake…..He informed me that I should make this kind of mistakes more often. Never to say, that we finish the sfogliata in 2 days and that I will have to make it for hubby. Hope you will enjoy it too.
Find details recipe under Desserts.

Author: Delicious Life

Hi everyone do you know the idiom that goes like this..... Do what you love and you will never have to work one day in your life This is my life and love every minute of it. Love and passion for food can become pretty messy in our house, my kids love to cook with me and I leave it to your imagination to what can happen when we try to make cookie dough or roll fresh pasta, thank God for my husband that supports and enjoy all this craziness.

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