Red kidney beans burger

Red kidney beans burger

Do you like burgers? I do, but too much red meat is not really healthy. This is my  perfect vegetarian burger for when I crave the real one. You don’t need many ingredients to create this super yummy red kidney burger.

Ingredients are very basic one, red kidney beans, minced onion, an egg, breadcrumbs, salt and pepper. I put in mine grated zucchini as well just to add extra veggies and keep it moist.

Mix all the ingredients together and form burgers

Fry burgers in little EVOO till golden brown.

Toast burger bun, top it with salad leaves, bean burger and good dollop of mashed avocado.

Red kidney beans burger

Serve with extra salad like in the picture or good old french fries.

Find detail recipe under Meat page.



Author: Delicious Life

Hi everyone do you know the idiom that goes like this..... Do what you love and you will never have to work one day in your life This is my life and love every minute of it. Love and passion for food can become pretty messy in our house, my kids love to cook with me and I leave it to your imagination to what can happen when we try to make cookie dough or roll fresh pasta, thank God for my husband that supports and enjoy all this craziness.

8 thoughts on “Red kidney beans burger”

  1. A great vegetarian version for a burger- I said so many times I’ll make a meatless one. Definitely a great recipe to save. I love beans. Thanks for sharing 👌


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