Duck confit ravioli sauté with mushroom and sprinkle with goat cheese


What would you prepare for a sumptuous dinner? This Duck confit ravioli sauté with mushroom and sprinkle with goat cheese” will make you the talk of town for a long time…….

I won’t lie, these mouth-watering “Duck confit ravioli sauté with mushroom and sprinkle with goat cheese, do take a bit of effort, but as soon as you sink your teeth in these delicious parcels you will fall in love over and over with the delicate flavour of this homemade ravioli.

Ready to make delicious Duck confit ravioli sauté with mushroom and sprinkle with goat cheese?

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Idli with avocado and spicy prawns

Ready to dazzle your friends and family with a new, fancy appetiser? Look no further, Idli with avocado and chilly prawns, is your perfect wow dish. Put on your party shoes, as you can whip this dish up in under 30 minutes.

Hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as we do.

Find detail recipe below.

Idli with avocado and spicy prawns                        

Ingredients 16 idli

01nos already made idli/dosa batter
16nos prawns clean and devein
02nos avocado
01nos minced garlic clove
Pinch chilly flakes
01tbsp EVO oil
01 teaspoon lime juice
Salt and pepper
16nos cilantro leaves
Follow packaging instruction for idli.
Steam idli for 12 minutes.
Remove from idli pan.
Keep it aside.
Heat evo oil in a non stick sauté.
Add prawns and chilly flakes to evo oil.
Fry for a minute and then add prawns.
Sauté prawns for 5-6 minutes.
Adjust seasoning.
Remove from pan and keep it aside.
Mash avocado with teaspoon of lime juice, adjust seasoning.
Assemble idli.
With the help of a teaspoon, make a small indent, on idli.
Fill the indent with a tbsp of avocado mash and top it with a prawn.
Garnish with cilantro leaves.

Agretti, Monk’s beard, with poached eggs and shaved parmesan cheese

I cannot believe that I haven’t post any new recipe since I got back to Doha.
Time do fly, and now is time to get back into blogging all the great recipes that I have been cooking lately. This agretti with poached eggs and shaved parmesan cheese is ideal for a quick and healthy lunch; can be prepared in advance and can be made under 30 minutes…..what more do we want?
Agretti, monk’s beard, looks like chives and have a salty citrus like taste. It’s perfect served with poached eggs and parmesan cheese.
Let me share my favourite recipe with all of you.
Agretti, Monk’s beard, with poached eggs and
shaved parmesan cheese
Ingredients 4 pax
04nos poached eggs
500gr agretti, monk’s beard, washed
04nos garlic cloves
01nos red dry chilli
80gr parmesan cheese, shaved
05ml EVO oil
Salt and pepper
  • Add to 250ml of water a tbsp of vinegar.
  • Bring to a boil.
  • Reduce the heat and poached one egg at a time.
  • Poach for 5 minutes for a soft yolk.
  • Keep eggs on a side.
  • Heat evo oil in a non stick pan.
  • Add to evo garlic, chilli and fry for 1 minute.
  • Add to the sauté the agretti.
  • Sauté till cooked, 5-8 minutes.
  • Adjust seasoning.
  • Remove chilli.
  • Divide agretti on each plate.
  • Top it with poached egg and parmesan cheese.

Hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as we do.

Dragon fruit salad with dairy free almond fudge ice cream


The first time I tried dragon fruit I was in Cambodia and let me tell you….although the taste was bland I fell in love with this fruit. The outside is fuchsia with dashes of green and the inside is white with black seeds, just looking at it makes me happy. I used to enjoy dragon fruit drizzled with honey and crunchy almond for a healthy breakfast.
Dragon fruit is available almost everywhere nowadays and what better way to enjoy this fruit, than by mixing it with berries and top it up with dairy free ice cream? Serve it inside the skin that turns into a bowl and……here we go, your fancy fruit salad, is served.
Find recipe below….and don’t forget to let me know what you think…

Dragon fruit salad with dairy free almond fudge ice cream


Ingredients for 4 pax

02nos dragon fruit sliced in half lengthwise
80gr blueberries
60gr strawberries cut in quarters
40gr papaya cut in cubes
01tbsp muscovado sugar
10ml lime juice
04nos ice cream scoops
Few mint leaves for garnish
Remove dragon fruit pulp with a small spoon.
Keep dragon fruit skin ( it will be your bowl to serve the salad)
Wash blueberries and strawberries.
In a bowl toss blueberries, strawberries, papaya and dragon fruit with sugar and lime juice.
Fill each dragon fruit skin with few tablespoon of fruit salad.
Scoop on each fruit salad a ball of ice cream.
Garnish with mint leaves.

Prawns carbonara sprinkled with coriander lemon zest Gremolada

Hello amazing friends, wish you all a fantastic 2019.

I know I haven’t been present and post any recipe since end of November….but after a crazy December and a small operation to welcome 2019…here I am, stronger than before and ready to share new recipes. Believe it or not January is almost over and Valentine is around the corner, and here is my first recipe.
Prawns carbonara sprinkled with coriander, lemon zest Gremolada.
Easy and bursting with flavours pasta and it is ready in under 30 minutes…..what more could you ask for…..
Follow this step by step recipe to impress your loved ones. As you can see, apart from prawns,

the rest of the ingredients you find easily around your pantry. You will need:

Egg yolks







Lemon zest


Salt and pepper

Saute shallots and garlic in EVO.
Add prawns to the shallots and cook for 4-5 minutes.
Remove from the heat and keep aside till need it.
Beat pesto and egg yolks together and keep it aside.
Drain pasta when al dente, keep few tbsp of cooking water aside, and sauté in the pan with prawns.
Switch off the heat, add the pesto and yolks mixture.
Keep stirring till sauce is fully combine, for extra creaminess add some of the cooking water to the pasta.
Serve immediately sprinkled with coriander and lemon zest Gremolada and freshly crushed black pepper.
Find detail recipe under Pasta, Gnocchi and Co.
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Vegan chocolate cake with strawberry frosting



School will be over in a week and to celebrate I made this vegan chocolate  cake with strawberry frosting. This is a truly scrumptious cake and you will not even realize that is fully vegan. Since Sofia is allergic to dairy product I had to try this strawberry frosting made out of cashews; let me tell you, I was a bit sceptic, I couldn’t believe that it will taste the same as the real one and…….OMG even better. My son is very conservative when it comes to cake and when I asked d him to try the frosting he was like;” MOOOORE”….I have to say the cake was a success and was finished the same day that was made.

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Alternative Eggs Benedict

Alternative Eggs Benedict

Not ready to make an Hollandaise sauce early in the morning? Don’t worry here is your perfect almost vegetarian Alternative Eggs Benedict..…and it is the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast.

Do you want to be surprised on Mother’s Day by your kids cooking? Mine are still to young to prepare this recipe on their own. Then make sure that all the basics are ready for them to prepare the most amazing breakfast for you.  This dish is a bit long to prepare in the morning; so what I usually do is make everything in advance and the only thing left for the kids and hubby to do in the morning is toast the bread add the poached egg top it with sauce and bake it for 8-10 minutes. Kids will feel like 5 stars chefs and your kitchen will still be in one piece when you wake up.

Follow this almost step by step recipe and enjoy your Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.

Cut your 2 slices of bread with a  cookie cutter.

Brush with EVO oil and bake it in the oven for few minutes. Keep it aside.


Bring to a simmer water with 1 bay leave and 1 teaspoon of vinegar. Drop egg in it. Poached for few minutes for a running one or 8 minutes for a well done one.


Prepare Mornay sauce. Melt butter, add flour and cook for few minutes. Add hot water and cream, keep stirring with spoon till thicken.


Add saute mushrooms, egg yolk and marjoram. Keep cooking for another 5 minutes at low heat.


Put poached egg on toasted bread, add sauce on top and bake for 5-8 minutes.

Enjoy your perfect Alternative Eggs Benedict...and Happy Mother’s Day

Here is the full recipe.

Alternative Eggs Benedict

Ingredients 6pax
06nos eggs
12nos round slices of bread
01nos teaspoon vinegar
01nos bay leaves
05ml EVO oil
For the sauce
200gr saute champignon mushrooms
300ml hot water
100ml cream
30gr butter
30gr flour
01nos egg yolk
10gr chopped fresh marjoram
Salt & pepper
Poach one egg at a time in simmering water with vinegar and bay leave.
Keep eggs on the side.
With a cookie cutter cut circles out of bread slices.
Put 2 slices on top of each other.
Press the center to make space for the egg.
Brush with EVO oil
Bake at 190C for 5 minutes.
Take it out of the oven and keep it on the side.
For the sauce
Melt butter and add flour.
Whisk together.
Add hot water and cream.
Keep whisking, add mushrooms, yolk and marjoram.
Keep cooking till the sauce thicken.
Adjust seasoning.
Put on each toasted bread one poached egg and cover it with the sauce.
Bake at 190C for 5-8 minutes.
Serve hot.